Chandrika Ashan – Daranova Irina Markovna
Teacher of the Indian martial art Kalaripayattu and Yoga
Master of sports in gymnastics

Heads the “Arjuna Kalari” school for children and teenagers – the Russian branch of the Hindu Vishwa Vidyalayam; teacher of the therapeutic physical culture for children with problematic supporting-motor system as well as with mental retardations.

Organizer of the 1st International Forum of the world traditions in Saint-Petersburg “Golden Cutset” in December, 2006. The Forum took place within the program of the Federal project “Tolerance” under the auspices of the public institution “House of Ethnic Cultures”, Saint-Petersburg, the International Club “Peoples’ Friendship” under the Telecommunications College.

“I started learning Kalaripayattu in 2001 at the Arjuna Kalari Samgham school founded by Ashan Sajan Gurukkal. In 2003 I obtained permission to lead an individual practice and to open my own school; since that time I teach children and teenagers the art of Kalaripayattu. I also teach groups of Kalari and dynamic Yoga for girls who want to study the principles of solidarity of the martial art and the spiritual up-growth.
Today I am the representative of the University of the Vedic Knowledge (Hindu Vishwa Vidyalayam) in Saint-Petersburg, founded by my teacher. The school in India became my home away from home where I come every year both to proceed with advanced studies improving skills and above all this to follow my spiritual way, to rise the scale of self-enhancement and to reach the depth of Cognition which is the way of liberation, the art of Kalaripayattu.”


People often ask me: “Why do you practice kalaripayattu? This martial art is had, and you are a woman”. Or “Can you fight on the street, if somebody attacks you?”
This is not reason for my practice!
I started to practice kalaripayattu 8 years ago, because I had very flexible and athletic body. My body said to me – yes, I like it! I had nothing with India and India culture befor.
My friend Roman said me: “You should go to Ashan and stay in the Kalari School”. I did it and my life was change.
Now the school in India became 2 home for me. My life is life in this system and I am very happy, because I don’t have the question “WHAT TO DO IN THIS LIFE? FOR WHAT DO YOU LIVE?”
I am a teacher, I teach kalari and yoga in St-Petersburg, organize the performances, work with kids who have problems with health.
But more important thing that I feel, that I received during this experience – removing the fear!
There are 8 deaths inside every person, human being: shame, revenge, fear, melancholy, sadness, aversion, poverty, emotionality, and man die from it every day. Realize and turn face to any kind of death – aim of practice.
And removing the fear make my eyes, ears, feeling, mind more clear. I started understand inherent meaning of many things more deeply. I became master of my feeling and emotions (indriyas)…
Strong woman…. Woman become strong not because of muscles and punches, but because she has internal force, pure fire inside her.